Innovative technologies from Hansgrohe

Functions and products with real added value and seals of quality

Do you require faucets or showers that save water or give a true feeling of wellbeing? Do you need an extra-large overhead shower or prefer washing your hair in the bathroom sink? Are you planning a new bathroom or transforming your old one into a comforting retreat? Do you need a faucet that can be cleaned in an instant? Then let us help you: Our innovations make your life more attractive and comfortable.

Select button pictogram
Activating the handshower or overhead shower? Switching between soft water droplets or an invigorating shower spray? Turning the faucet on and off with amazing precision? Select means controlling water at the touch of a button for even more fun in the bathroom and kitchen.
CoolStart pictogram

Lavatory faucets can save resources cleverly using this environmentally friendly Hansgrohe technology.

Hansgrohe EcoRight logo

Hansgrohe faucets and showers fitted with EcoRight technology require up to 60% less water than conventional products. This reduce water and energy costs and conserve valuable resources.

Hansgrohe AirPower logo

In shower technology, Hansgrohe mixes water with air – invigorating AirPower can be felt on your whole body when showering. Water enriched with air makes the water droplets plumper, lighter and softer, this means that the water can be used more effectively.

Hansgrohe ComfortZone logo
Different spout heights for all sink types, generous dimensions, outstanding design and intuitive operation: Hansgrohe faucets with this label expand the ComfortZone.
Hansgrohe XXL Performance logo

Experience it for yourself – large-scale shower fun with unbelievably relaxing jet types. Hansgrohe overhead showers measure up to 600 mm in diameter, meaning they envelop the body in water and ensure XXL Performance in the bathroom.

Hansgrohe QuickClean logo

Is there anyone who likes cleaning? Our QuickClean technology instantly removes dirt and limescale deposits from showers and faucets thanks to the silicon nozzles. Beware of imitations: Only this QuickClean logo indicates real Hansgrohe quality!

iBox Universal Plus

Do you want freedom of movement and planning options in the bathroom? Then you are on the right track with the Hansgrohe iBox Universal. This multi-talent creates space and is a milestone in sanitation history.

 This technology prevents the thermostat housing from heating up. The plus of “internal” safety prevents painful touching or burns. This makes showering and bathing even more carefree, especially for children and seniors.