RainBrain Simulator

Much like a tablet, RainBrain is outfitted with an electronic touchscreen panel that allows users to control five individual functions, of which any three can be used simultaneously. Extremely user friendly, the system turns on and off with just one touch and can be preset for up to four people. All the important functions, such as spray mode and temperature are presented in a logical arrangement along the top of the screen. Easily identifiable icons flanking the left hand side can be used to manage the hand shower and side showers.

Beyond the basics, the system’s warm-up function flushes out cold water and automatically adjusts to the present temperature as soon as it is turned on – preparing the shower for instant enjoyment. Options for water cascade, hot/cold shower alternation and music selection via a Bluetooth® compatible smartphone or media player are easily accessible via the menu function. The central knob also controls temperature and has a convenient on/off push pause feature. In addition, the home screen provides a visual display of the status of the overall system.

Temperatures and time are illuminated and easy to read. Large-scale pictograms featuring animation and color-coding indicate the activity of the individual showerheads. Transitions between the various screens produce clear sequences of commands. The electronic anti-scald system protects children and adults from being exposed to high temperatures by accident. RainBrain is available in a chrome and white/chrome finish and measures 5 3/8” x 9 5/8”. In addition, RainBrain is cUPC® listed by IAPMO R&T, and approved for use in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.