Man splashed with water at the sink.

Hansgrohe ComfortZone test

The perfect faucet for any sink.
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If sink and faucets do not properly match up, this can result in annoying splashing, making customer irritation inevitable. In order to prevent this from happening, Hansgrohe has developed a reliable test procedure: The testing is carried out under realistic conditions, in order to find out just how well Hansgrohes faucets work in combination with popular sinks from leading manufacturers. The free space available between faucet and sink is tested as part of these comprehensive functional tests, along with the spattering characteristics, and other criteria.
(For details on the test procedures, see download section)

Our ComfortZone test provides you and your customers with recommendations that will make hand-washing comfortable and convenient.

Expert knowledge, consultation skills and planning reliability for you

An exclusive service for our professional partners: We publish all the results from the series of tests here in the download section. Download the PDFs free of charge, and use our findings for your consultancy practice. This overview, comprising all of the faucet and sink combinations that we have tested in terms of technology, will provide you with a sound basis for your sales discussions.

Use the ComfortZone Configurator to find out how well faucets and sinks work in combination with each other

Your customer is planning a new vanity and finds the bathroom design options are extensive, indeed they are so vast as to be off-putting. This is why you and your customer should be furnishing the vanity together – using the Hansgrohe ComfortZone Configurator. With this practical online tool, you can have fun trying out combinations of faucets and sinks. To do this, position the various ranges of Hansgrohe faucets virtually on different types of sinks. In this way you can show your customer a range of combinations which:

  • were impressive in our test with respect to technology and
  • blend together well in terms of style. You can directly compare the different styles in your ambience of choice.

Integrate the ComfortZone Configurator into your own website

Another exclusive service for our professional partners: We are making the online tool available to you for your own website. Download the Configurator free of charge, and integrate it online. To do this, please register for the Hansgrohe Online Tools. This will enable you to provide your customers with the opportunity to find out just how well faucets and sinks work in combination virtually, on your website. This will give you a head start in getting your customer to discuss all further stages with you, in your capacity as specialist. 

Hansgrohe's faucet/sink test stamp

Subjected to technological and visual testing: All combinations are in the download section below.

Five types of sink: Which faucets are suitable and in what way?


We have defined the following ceramic types for the Hansgrohe ComfortZone test. The test results will help you find the right Hansgrohe faucet for your customers.

  • Vessel sink with faucet behind it (illustration)
  • Washing hair comfortably under the bathroom faucet: PuraVida 240, perfect partner for sink or vanity.
  • Vanity with faucet on it (illustration).
  • Facial care, filling vases or washing hair under the faucet: Metris 200, perfect partner for the vanity.
  • Sink with faucet on the wall (illustration).
  • Wall-mounted Metris S faucet trim: Comfort and convenience at the sink.
  • Undermount or built-in vanity (illustration).
  • Facial care, filling vases or washing hair under the faucet: Metris S Tall is perfect for undermount or built-in vanities.
  • Wall-mounted sink (illustration).
  • For facial care or shaving: The Focus 100 faucet is the perfect partner for the wall-mounted sink.

Complete overview of all faucet/sink combinations tested to date

The following PDFs contain the pairs that have been tested in terms of technology in the Hansgrohe Test Center, and which match with respect to form, and can be downloaded free of charge.