iBox Universal Plus

The Revolutionary Rough from Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe revolutionized the plumbing industry with the iBox Universal launch in 2001. With its versatility and reliability — installation, ordering, and bathroom planning are extremely easy and efficient. iBox Universal Plus lives up to its name. A truly universal rough, iBox Universal Plus accommodates any trim — Hansgrohe or Axor, Thermostatic or Pressure Balance — providing the foundation for any shower installation. One rough for all shower solutions: iBox Universal Plus.

iBox Universal Plus: Proven Successfully in the Field and Continuously Refined for Almost Ten Years

High expectations for the iBox Universal Plus are hardly based on speculation, with the prior worldwide success of the iBox Universal. Backed by almost a decade of proven results in the field, combined with ongoing research and development by our German engineers, iBox Universal Plus guarantees your success on every project.

Revolutionary Technology that is Taking the Plumbing Industry by Storm

iBox Universal Plus: Proven successfully in the field and continuously refined for almost ten years.  Below are reasons why the iBox Universal Plus is known for its unsurpassed quality.

Water-Tight Seals: All-around rubber seals on the iBox housing and carrier plate create a water-tight installation. Any potential leaks drain into the shower compartment, not into the wall. • Built-In Service Stops: Allows easy servicing of the valve and other components.

Simplified Pipe Flushing: The rough can easily be flushed prior to installing the function block. Hot and cold water remain isolated while passing through the flushing insert.

Trim Includes Function Block: The valuable function block is supplied with the trim, not the iBox, allowing ordering to take place later in the building phase. This reduces the expense of warehousing, theft and damage due to dirt or frost during the building phase.

Reduced Noise Transfer: The brass function block rests on rubber seals, so pipe vibrations transferred to the wall will be reduced. The trim carrier plate attaches to the iBox housing, not the function block, minimizing noise transfer to the finished wall.

Multiple Mounting Options: Multiple mounting points and depth options allow the iBox to be installed with any commonly used mounting system.

180° Rotational Symmetry: Even if the rough is installed upside down, the trim can still be mounted to the iBox, avoiding costly repairs.

Extension Set: Even if the iBox has been mounted too deeply into the wall, the problem is easily solved with an extension set. The extension set (sold separately) ensures a watertight seal, keeping the walls free from dampness.

Shallow Extension Set: Limited installation depths are not a problem, thanks to the shallow extension set. Simply installing the set between the tiles and trim allows for installation in walls as shallow as 2¼".

Choose Your World

We all know that living spaces are as individual as the people who live in them. Hansgrohe’s World of Styles offers three comprehensive style worlds from which to create a distinctive, personalized design for the bathroom. Hansgrohe offers one universal shower trim style for each style world: Choose S for Contemporary, S/E for Modern, or C for Classic — or the poetic purity of PuraVida. The Axor collections offer an even greater variety of trims. These universal trims coordinate seamlessly with lavatory faucets from any product series within the same style world. One rough to replace all roughs, the iBox Universal Plus lives up to its name.

Hansgrohe Trim Options

With several mixing valves and diverters, Hansgrohe gives you more options than ever to create the perfect shower. These new options enable vastly improved shower configuration capabilities for the Hansgrohe brand.

• Thermostatic with Volume Control
• Thermostatic with Volume Control and Diverter
• Thermostatic with Volume Control plus Quattro Diverter
• Pressure Balance
• Pressure Balance plus Trio Diverter

Special Applications

In addition to standard mixing valves, iBox also serves as the foundation for several other unique products, such as the robust all-in-one shower system functionality of the Raindance S Showerpipe or the two versions of Raindance Rainfall AIR — and even the new Axor Uno Electronic Faucet.

• Raindance Rainfall AIR 240 and 180
• Raindance E 420 AIR 2-Jet Showerhead
• Raindance S Showerpipe
• Axor Uno Electronic Faucet

Axor Trim Options

iBox-compatible trims are available with the same elegant looks and valve functionality you have come to expect from Axor with improved technology. In addition, a new pressure balance trim featuring an ADA-compliant lever handle, as well as Trio 2-way diverters with larger ¾" connections, are available for all Axor collections.

• Thermostatic plus Two Volume Controls
• Thermostatic plus Trio Diverter with Shut-Off
• Thermostatic plus Trio Diverter with Shut-Off and Fix Fit Wall Outlet
• Thermostatic plus Quattro Diverter and Volume Control
• Pressure Balance

Inside iBox Universal Plus

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