Select: Intuitive spray settings

“Select your shower pleasure” operating concept

The convenient operating concept behind the Select button is all about switching the jet type or shower or controlling the water at the sink precisely at the touch of a button. Hansgrohe was one of the first manufacturers in the branch to introduce the “touch of a button” concept – first to the bathroom and then to the kitchen. The range of products using this innovative technology is constantly growing.

The most significant selling points for the Select button from Hansgrohe:

  • Whether your customer wants to switch from the handshower to overhead shower or turn the water at the faucet on and off precisely – the Select button ensures simplicity in everyday routines. Select products in the bathroom are perfect for those who appreciate a pleasurable shower experience and operating comfort at the vanity.
  • Whether they are amateurs or professional chefs, convenience in kitchen work is a recipe for success for your customers. In the kitchen, Select impresses by turning the water on and off easily and controlling the flow of water precisely.
  • Select helps to save water by encouraging the user to turn it off. This precious resource is then used more efficiently.
  • The Select button represents timelessly modern design and is a real eye-catcher wherever water flows. The complete range has been designed by Phoenix Design – one of the world’s leading design teams.

Select – for a pleasurable shower experience at the touch of a button


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