Axor Starck X lavatory faucet.

Axor Starck X

Maximum minimalism

The Axor Starck X collection embodies minimal design and maximum enjoyment. The special presentation of flowing water is typical of this. The water flows in a wide, smooth gush spray from a square plate which appears to hover weightlessly above the wash basin. The almost sculptural collection plays with symmetry and clear geometry.

The Axor Starck X products at a glance:

Axor Starck X lavatory faucet

Bathroom faucets, showers & shower systems

Axor Starck X can be installed as a single-hole lavatory faucet in three different heights. The collection also offers electronic faucets and a version for the wall. Different surface-mounted faucets, thermostats and valves are available for the shower and bathtub, plus a free-standing bathtub faucet. The Axor Starck X collection is completed nicely by a bidet faucet.

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