Woman under Raindance Select 300 shower head

Shower heads and body sprays

An individual feel-good experience for back home

Hansgrohe overhead showers are installed on the ceiling or wall. They are available in a range of shapes – both classically round or with a modern, square design – and with different jet types. On Raindance overhead showers with Select, the wonderfully simple button technology is located in the middle of the spray disc. This means: Your customers can select the jet types intuitively at the touch of a button – plus another type on the thermostat (optional). Also, Hansgrohe body sprays offer customers the kind of experience they would enjoy in a spa.

Woman under overhead shower

Overhead showers and body sprays

Whether installed on the wall or flush in the ceiling, or with one, two or three jets, hansgrohe overhead showers guarantee an individual water experience. Here you can also find PuraVida overhead showers, water-saving models such as Croma and Crometta or the Raindance Rainfall Stream with adjustable shower angle.

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All good things come from above – rain at its most beautiful


hansgrohe overhead showers impress thanks to their range of designs, multi-functionality, easy operation and convenient cleaning.

  • Raindance E 300 overhead shower.
  • Raindance E overhead shower for ceiling installation.
  • Croma 280 1jet overhead shower.
  • Woman under Rainmaker Select

hansgrohe overhead showers also impress thanks to the following:

  • Innovative features such as AirPower and XXL Performance. Many models are available as EcoRight versions with a water consumption of just 9 liters/minute.
  • Simple cleaning in a few short steps: Take for example the easily removable spray discs on the Raindance, Croma and Croma Select, which can be cleaned easily and even put in the dishwasher. The sophisticated QuickClean anti-limescale function is another plus. And let’s not forget QuickConnect, with which the Rainmaker Select overhead shower can be removed and cleaned easily without tools – ideal for use in hotels.