ShowerSelect thermostat with handshower

Shower control

Control your own showering fun with the top installation service for bathroom professionals

Hansgrohe lets a great deal of innovation flow into their control units for the shower. Select from surface-mounted and concealed thermostats that control the flow of water reliably. Help your customers to enjoy ultimate convenience, protect them against unpleasant surprises caused by temperature changes and enhance the technology and look of their bathroom.
The new high-quality Hansgrohe products are as follows:

  • For surface mounting: ShowerTablet Select. This is no surprise, given their intuitive operation and particular user-friendly shower control – for all generations. With their glass shelves (300 and 700 mm wide), these multi-functional designer thermostats offer plenty of space for shower utensils. A true innovation: The first Hansgrohe surface-mounted thermostat that controls a single-jet overhead shower via a concealed installation module. Even in the bathtub, this tablet is a real eye-catcher with a generous shelf area.
  • For concealed installation: ShowerSelect pre-fab sets. Just one press of the button is all that is needed to activate and deactivate to switch the jet type. Shower solutions can now be easily implemented based on the iBox Universal.

A plus for the environment: the Hansgrohe Select buttons function purely mechanically – so you don't require any additional electricity.

ShowerSelect with 1 or 2-functions

Shower control

Here you can find manual surface-mounted thermostats – from the Ecostat Comfort to the Ecostat Select thermostat with shelf area made from safety glass. You will also find concealed thermostats for one or more showers.

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Surface-mounted and concealed thermostats


Control water individually – with manual controls for one or more showers

  • Ecostat Select
  • Ecostat Comfort
  • Concealed ShowerSelect for one consumer
  • Concealed ShowerSelect for two shower functions