Hansgrohe Metris faucet at the wash basin

Metris faucets

For more freedom of movement – for comfort at all levels

Say no to space compromises at the vanity! The Metris faucet collection ensures an unprecedented sense of spaciousness in the bathroom and boasts excellent user comfort and fantastic satisfaction.  The contemporary Metris collection features a minimalist design and blends in perfectly in any modern bathroom. Metris faucets are economical and environmentally friendly, utilizing the Hansgrohe EcoRight technology.

Metris at the vanity

Metris for vanities & bidets

Find the perfect ComfortZone for your customer. Hansgrohe Metris faucets are available in different heights, as a single-hole faucet or as a three-hole lavatory faucet. This collection also includes versions for wall mounting.

Vanity & bidet faucets from the Metris collection ( from )

Metris at the bathtub

Metris for the bathtub

In the bathtub, the Metris faucet collection offers surface-mounted bathtub faucets for three-hole and four-hole installation.

Metris bathtub faucets ( from )

Metris in the shower

Metris for the shower

Regulate your shower water with modern luxury.  The Metris collection offers shower trims in pressure balance and thermostatic formats giving your customer the freedom to choose what suites them best.  

Metris shower faucets ( from )