Talis S² Variarc kitchen faucet

Talis kitchen faucets

Enjoyable cooking and cleaning in the ComfortZone

The excellent kitchen assistants from Talis mean modern design that adapts to any surroundings and many functional details at the sink. This Hansgrohe faucet range is available in different versions – from the basic model right up to faucets with high swivel spouts and handsprays.

Talis Select S – now with intuitive operation at the touch of a button

A new innovation for the modern kitchen: Talis Select S. The water can be turned on and off in an instant on this kitchen faucet thanks to the Select button. In doing so, the temperature and water volume set on the handle at the beginning remain constant. Hansgrohe Select technology is:

  • Extremely convenient. The button is integrated perfectly in the slender Talis spout and can be pressed in an instant using the palm, back of the hand or elbow.
  • Environmentally friendly. The functions are purely mechanical – without electricity or additional equipment. Those who turn off the water in the kitchen regularly minimize the consumption of resources.
Additionally, the Talis Select S is attractive and robust. The tapered design exudes luxurious elegance and the large surfaces with fluent transitions are simple to clean.
    Talis Select with pull-out

    Talis Select S kitchen faucets

    With Select button for intuitive, practical and comfortable kitchen work. Talis Select S is available in two different models: single-hole kitchen faucet with swivel spout (110°/150°/360°) or single-hole kitchen faucet with pull-out (150°).

    Talis Select kitchen faucets ( from )

    Talis kitchen faucet with ComfortZone

    Talis kitchen faucet

    The Talis range brings the ComfortZone to the sink unit – for more comfort and freedom of movement during kitchen work. In addition to the standard models, single-hole kitchen faucets with pull-out, swivel spout and dual-jet handspray are also available.

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    Talis C kitchen faucets

    The elegant forms of Talis C is unique for traditionally styled kitchens. Includes a complete assortment of faucets, bringing even the most ambitious visions for the kitchen to life.

    Talis C kitchen faucets ( from )


    Talis kitchen faucets – top arguments for your sales talks:

    • Form and functionality combine together aesthetically: Talis is slender, stylish and fitted with a sleek pin handle.
    • Handspray with two jet types: The flexible faucet extension increases the operating radius at the sink conveniently by up to 50 cm.
    • Magnetic holder: MagFit fixes the handspray securely in place on the spout. The hose slides back almost silently.
    • Pull-out – the key advantage in comfort.
    • Installation in front of windows: Your customers simply have to lift up the faucet, move it out of the way and open the window.
    • Vertical handle position for better ergonomics at the sink unit.
    • The high swivel spout (150°) with ComfortZone creates a convenient space between the faucet and sink.

    The original from Hansgrohe with extendable dual-jet handspray

    The pleasurable shower experience has now moved into the kitchen of your customers – with different jet types that can be changed whenever they like. Whether vegetables or dishes, the wide shower spray cleans and rinses thoroughly. The normal spray fills pots and pans quickly. Even large pots and pans can be filled easily with the handspray.