Man and woman in embrace with two Raindance Select handshowers

Raindance Select handshowers

One button, two designs and three jet types – the new pleasurable shower experience

Hansgrohe presents its new, sophisticated handshowers – the round Raindance Select S 120 and Raindance Select E 120 withrounded edges. Both showers are equipped with three jet types. Your customer controls these with the Select button so that the water either relaxes, invigorates or massages. The Select button is positioned on the front of the handshower for quick, simple and intuitive switching of the jet type while showering. The secret to Hansgrohe’s feel-good shower concept: Each jet type flows from its own spray.

  • 1. RainAir. Soft rain shower from large sprays with enriched water droplets.
  • 2. Rain. Powerful rain shower from small sprays – ideal for washing out shampoo.
  • 3. Whirl. Concentrated massage jet from rotating sprays – relaxes and relieves tension.

For design lovers and environmentally-conscious consumers

Both shower types bring design highlights into the bathroom: 
    ●   The geometric shapes and round, minimalist S-design on the S 120 
         bring clarity into the shower.
    ●   The rounded corners and flowing forms on the E 120 
         are pleasantly modern and fit in any bathroom.

 Our handshowers are available in two sizes:    
     a) approx. 120 mm diameter (S 120/E 120)
     b) approx. 150 mm diameter (S 150/E 150)

Customers can choose from two surface types
     a) Completely chrome-plated design 
     b) Fresh two-tone design with chrome housing and white 
         spray disc

The new handshowers can be installed easily – ideal for quick, decorative bathroom fitting. They are also of economic and ecological value thanks to intelligent flow limitation. The 
EcoSmart version reduces water consumption by up to 40% – from 15 to just 9 liters per minute.

Handshower with Select button

A click for a fresh water kick – new, sophisticated Select handshowers

Sales at the touch of a button


These showers offer individual pleasurable shower experiences for a wide target group. This means fantastic sales opportunities for you.

  • Woman showering with RainAir
  • Man showering with RainAir
  • Woman showering with Rain jet
  • Man showering with Rain jet
  • Woman showering with Whirl jet
  • Man showering with Whirl jet