Woman using a Hansgrohe handshower (left), shower illustration (right)

Which showering type is your customer?

As our practical tests have shown – showering has never been as individual as today

Have you ever thought that there could be different showering types? At Hansgrohe, we examined this question in depth. The focused studies and practical tests in our spray laboratory and in-house Showerworld can be summed up quickly – shower enthusiasts can be split up into three categories:

  • Pleasure showerer
  • Efficient showerer
  • Focus showerer

Hansgrohe has met the individual needs of these three showering types with three different jet types:

  • Soft, plump RainAir for the pleasure showerer
  • Powerful Rain for the efficient showerer
  • Massaging Whirl  on the handshower and
    RainStream on the overhead shower for the focus showerer

You can then meet the desires of every customer and recommend a tailored shower product to them. The great thing is that the new overhead showers and handshowers with Select button combine all three jet types in one product. At last – each member of the family can shower according to their own style. Plus, they also have the option of trying something new depending on their mood and the time of day.

The pleasure showerer – pampering for body and soul

Pleasure showerers take their time in the bathroom and want to relax. They want the stresses of everyday life to be washed away drop by drop. When the water covers them like a warm rain shower, they are switched off from everyone and everything. Body care is not the only important aspect – the soul also needs to be taken care of. The generous, soft RainAir jet is perfect for the pleasure showerer – with each drop enriched with air and flowing out of a generous spray.

The efficient showerer – on the search for the kick of energy

When efficient showerers get in the shower, they want one thing above all – to be refreshed...and quickly. Sometimes, only a few minutes under the shower is enough. The shower should have an immediate effect. For example, shampoo has to be washed out quickly and thoroughly – otherwise the efficient showerer will get impatient. This is clearly a job for the powerful Rain jet and its small, narrow spray.

The focus showerer – washing away everyday stress

For focus showerers, the shower must be intensive enough to relieve daily stress and really get under the skin. They like to be relaxed on leaving the shower and ready for a pleasant evening or next sports session – without anything weighing down on them. The Whirl jet is perfect for massaging the focus showerer right where they need it, with three individual jets whirling around each other.

New individuality under the shower


This is how your customers shower today – for pleasure, power and relaxation

  • Pleasure showerer with the Raindance Select handshower
  • Pleasure showerer under the Raindance Select overhead shower
  • Efficient showerer with the Raindance Select handshower
  • Efficient showerer under the Raindance Select overhead shower
  • Focus showerer with the Raindance Select handshower
  • Focus showerer under the Raindance Select overhead shower

Hansgrohe Select function