Axor LampShower designed by Nendo

More beauty in the bathroom

The Axor LampShower – a product that is both a shower and lamp – demonstrates just how harmonious the meeting of water and light can be. The design takes the form of a lampshade and represents more homeliness in the bathroom. The integrated five-watt LED with classic bulb design ensures pleasant ambient lighting thanks to its warm-white color temperature.

What at first glance appears to be a lamp also offers a special shower experience when explored further. A water jet rains down from the rim of the lampshade and completely envelops the body in water – and all based on technology from the number-one shower manufacturer. This becomes evident in a range of different details: 

  •  Hidden water feed through six pipes on the lampshade
  • The showerarm on the wall-design version can be swiveled 150°
  • Using the ball joint, the shower can be vertically adjusted by up to 5° and set exactly
  • Wide rain shower with low water consumption 
  • The spray disc is removable and easy to clean
  • Mains connection with a 23 inch cable for a separate switch outside the wet area

“It is a hybrid, not a shower or lamp,” explains Oki Sato, the creative mind behind the Nendo design studio, on his Axor LampShower. The lightness of the design and the new type of water experience give the shower an unprecedented sensual dimension.

The Axor LampShower eliminates the normal boundaries between rooms. The bathroom blends in perfectly with the living area, while the Axor LampShower brings a homely charm to the bathroom. In doing so, it can be combined perfectly with shower and bathroom products from a wide range of different collections and styles.

In addition to the chrome version, the Axor manufacturing team also offers a range of special surface finishes (e.g. gold finish). This means that the Axor LampShower can be tailored exactly to customer preferences.

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