Metris S

Timeless clarity in your bathroom

Do you want calm rather than spectacle? Minimalism rather than excess? Are you happiest when your home and life are dominated by structure and system? Then transform your bathroom into an elegant haven of peace. Metris S is the geometric mixer range from Hansgrohe that brings clarity to the fore. With its pin handle, the Metris S concentrates on the basics. However, despite all the minimalism, the material and technical equipment still meet up to the high quality standards of Hansgrohe. 

Metris S Washbasins & Bidets

The more minimal the environment, the more important the detail. Where clarity rules and the art of omission is perfected, every line has to be absolutely right.  Learn more about our Metris S collection and envelope your bathroom in modern harmony.  

Metris S Washbasins & Bidets ( from )


Metris S Bathtubs & Showers

This style fulfills the requirement for consistency and complements it with a tasteful understanding of trends or modern elegance.  Metris S shower collection will be at home in any bathroom offering subtle influences or breathtaking charm.

Metris S Bathtubs & Showers ( from )

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