Combinations in the bathroom

Harmonious combination of organic minimalist shapes with different style worlds

With the organic minimalist bathroom, you can create a homely environment for your bathroom customers – regardless of the size of the room. The design principle also blends in harmoniously with a wide range of different style preferences. A suitable lighting concept, detailed architectural solutions and the selection of the right materials are decisive aspects when realizing the bathroom.

When contrasts are linked together harmoniously

The combination of powerful shapes and sensual materials creates an exciting conflict in the bathroom. One advantage is that the organic minimalist design can be combined with various vanity solutions – whether low or high basins, wall-mounted vanities, built-in basins or sinks. The flowing design of the faucet offers an exciting contrast to a minimalist sink, for example. Alternatively, it can also go hand in hand with the organic shape of a wash basin. The room concept is thus also a winner in the purist bathroom: shapes that are stripped back to the basics blend in with high-quality materials and a clear design to create a harmonious look.

The wellbeing bathroom appeals to all the senses

The natural aspect of the bathroom is supported through architectural solutions, such as spacious window fronts that bring in natural light and create interesting shadow play. A sophisticated lighting concept also generates a homely bathroom environment. Individual areas such as the vanity and shower can then be emphasized, atmospheric relaxation zones can be created or a conscious link to nature can be established. The pleasant feel of the wall surfaces also underlines the character of the wellbeing bathroom, with the sensual quality of fabrics, warm wood surfaces and natural stone, among others.

Successful planning with a versatile bathroom collection

The organic minimalist bathroom concept can be realized with various Axor collections. As the design examples show, the multi-faceted Axor Starck Organic collection is the perfect choice here.

Suggestions for successful bathroom planning


Bathroom ideas for large and small rooms in different style worlds