Croma Select handshower

Croma Select showers

The new Croma range – now available with Select

Hansgrohe has introduced the user-friendly Select technology to its popular Croma shower range for the very first time. Following on from the Raindance range, the handshowers, overhead showers and showerpipes are now also equipped with the practical button. For you, this means a broad target group and good sales opportunities in the medium-price segment. You can find some top selling points below:

Croma makes the switch to added comfort

Switch intuitively to another jet type: With the Select button, all Croma showers benefit from added comfort and user friendliness. With this Croma Select range, you can offer each customer the individual shower experience they require. Each shower type is available in two designs (S + E).

  • Croma Select handshowers come in three models, with each model also available as a shower set:
  1. Croma Select Multi with three jet types
  2. Croma Select Vario with three jet types
  3. Croma Select 1jet with one jet type
  • Croma Select 180 Vario overhead showers bring showering pleasure from above. With two rain jet types – balanced and intensive.
  • Croma Select showerpipes pamper the body with up to five jet types (two on the overhead shower and three on the handshower) – a completely new shower experience for many users. The water flow and temperature are controlled by the high-quality Ecostat Comfort thermostat. The swiveling showerarm offers greater freedom of movement and added flexibility during installation.

Croma Select impresses with different designs

  • Your customer can choose from two shower head shapes on all showers:
    - Minimalist round head (S)
    - Head with rounded corners (E).
  • On the handshowers, the white/chrome finish provides visual highlights. This attractive interplay of colors offers many different combination possibilities with modern ceramics and faucets. All have an ergonomic handle design that enables one-handed spray setting.
  • On the overhead showers, the large spray disc (Ø 180 mm) brings a new design language into the bathroom – plus a pleasurable shower experience with XXL Performance. Two surface finishes are available here – fully chrome-plated or in shimmering chrome and pure white.

Croma Select pampers with a variety of jet types


Soft, intensive, concentrated: the new showers with jet types for all showering requirements

  • Handshower, SoftRain jet type
  • Handshower, IntenseRain jet type
  • Handshower, Massage jet type
  • Handshower, Rain jet type
  • Handshower, Rain jet type
  • Handshower, TurboRain jet type
  • Handshower, IntenseRain jet type
  • Overhead shower, Rain jet type
  • Overhead shower, Rain jet type

Croma Select excels thanks to efficiency and innovative technologies

The pleasurable shower experience with Croma Select is particularly economical in the EcoSmart version: Thanks to the minimized water flow, your customers save valuable resources. The Croma Select 1jet only uses 7 liters/minute as standard.
The handshowers and overhead showers are also easy to clean: Residues can be rubbed off in an instant thanks to the QuickClean silicon nozzles. All of the new Croma Select showers can be installed instantly – ideal for quick bathroom makeovers. The showerpipe also impresses through uncomplicated surface-mounted installation. Simply install it on the existing water connections.