Axor Citterio Select kitchen faucet in action.

Axor Citterio Select

Two new kitchen masters with Select technology

Two elegant kitchen faucets offer new ways for ambitious chefs and design enthusiasts to express themselves. The high-quality, precisely shaped handle is a real eye-catcher. Its long, flat design ensures particularly ergonomic operation – meaning it is easy to handle even with soapy hands. Another design highlight is the slender faucet body, which also contributes to the elegant appearance of Axor Citterio Select.

The Select button for more freedom of movement at the sink

Axor is now also using Select technology from Hansgrohe on the Axor Citterio kitchen faucet, thus offering valuable control possibilities: Simply press the button and the water flow is stopped. Press it again, and the water flows. The water can then be turned on and off easily without your customer having to stop their work. Using the faucet is child’s play:

  • The lever handle is opened and the previously set temperature and water flow remain constant. Of course, the temperature and flow of water can still be adjusted at any time using the handle.
  • The Select button can be operated easily with fingers, elbows or the back of the hand. This is especially practical if your customers have dirty hands. The result is smooth work in the kitchen and a clean faucet.
  • Improved comfort: Accidental adjustment of the water temperature or flow rate when opening the faucet is therefore a thing of the past.

Two sophisticated versions – for every need

Axor Citterio Select includes two kitchen faucet versions – one with swivel spout and one with pull-out. Both versions can be swiveled 360°/150°. An advantage of the pull-out is that the operating radius on the sink is significantly expanded.

Added freedom of movement and functionality with the pull-out:

  • The spout can be pulled out up to 50 cm, thus increasing both flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • The MagFit magnetic holder fixes the spout securely back in place on the faucet body after use.
  • The high swivel spout (360°/150°) with ComfortZone creates amazing freedom at the sink.

Elegance at the sink unit

  • Axor Citterio Select with black background.
  • Axor Citterio Select kitchen faucet.
  • Axor Citterio Select kitchen faucet.
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