15 special finishes from the Axor manufacturing department.

The Axor manufacturing department

Top-quality, tailor-made products and special solutions from the manufacturing department

To be able to better satisfy the requirements of your customers, there is a demand for increasingly customized solutions. Axor offers plenty of scope for creativity by offering tailor-made products and solutions from the Axor manufacturing department. 15 exclusive special finishes in brushed or polished metallic shades add a distinctive touch to the bathroom. If a product does not fit in the space available, its length can be adapted to suit the requirements of your customers. Individually laser-cut or printed special inscriptions make products easier to operate – which is particularly useful in the project business.

Other customization options are available on request

Going beyond the standard service, Axor can implement the personal requirements of your customers – even if this involves only one item. Similarly, the Axor manufacturing department offers you tailor-made special solutions for implementing larger-scale projects. Simply get in touch with your personal contact at Hansgrohe. They will be happy to advise you about other options offered by the Axor manufacturing department.

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The Axor manufacturing department

Inscriptions and symbols help make life easier in the bathroom. For example, clear inscriptions on valves or diverters make it easier for first-time users to operate the showers in hotel bathrooms. On request, products can also be provided with larger symbols or instructions in the language of your choice or personalized with logos or initials.

Axor products in different lengths.

Shortening or extending products makes it possible to design a truly unique bathroom. Modifying the length can create customized products, for example a floor-standing lavatory faucet. If a product does not fit into the bathroom perfectly, it can be tailored to fit the space available.

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