Special inscription

Outstanding ease of use and product personalization

Inscriptions and symbols help users find their way around easier when it comes to operating faucets and showers. The legibility and visibility of functions can be improved with large fonts or symbols – which is particularly useful for first-time users of hotel showers. Various function symbols can be implemented on request to match your own personal template – and also in various languages and sizes. Logos, monograms and emblems can be applied in a variety of designs in order to personalize products.

Please contact a dealer or email custom-us@hansgrohe.com for more information.

Examples of special inscriptions:

  • Consumer labeling: Various shower symbols in different sizes to improve legibility
  • Hot/cold markings in red and blue for intuitive operation of the temperature control
  • Logos, initials or emblems in the design of your choice for personalized labeling – particularly suitable as branding for hotels, restaurants and ships
  • Inscriptions in a variety of languages


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