Length modification – extending and shortening

Tailored to exacting customer requirements

The Axor manufacturing department offers customized shortening or extension for anyone who needs to modify Axor products. For example, a free-standing faucet can be created by extending a standard lavatory faucet – manufactured exclusively for your customers.

If a standard product does not fit in perfectly with the existing bathroom architecture, it can be customized. For example, a ceiling connector for the overhead shower can be extended in order to adapt it to the architectural features in an old building. A bathtub spout can be extended so that it properly bridges the gap, e.g. a brick shelf between the wall and bathtub.

Advantages of length modification:

  • Customized lengths offer more design flexibility for a personal bathroom
  • Provides a solution if installations have not been carried out correctly
  • Proactive solutions: lengths can be adjusted even during the planning stage
  • The special range of services offered by the Axor manufacturing department will help you stand out from the competition
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction when dealing with more discerning target groups by offering this extra service
  • Entrance to the Axor manufacturing department.
  • Robot shortening a lavatory faucet.
  • Faucet pieces in the Axor manufacturing department.
  • Extending a faucet spout.
  • Manual grinding process on a spout.
  • Manual polishing of an extended spout.
  • Vacuum chamber used in the PVD process.
  • Hand polishing of an extended faucet.
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