Axor ShowerSelect pictogram.

ShowerSelect trims

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The high-quality AXOR ShowerSelect thermostats bring elegance and the highest levels of comfort to the shower and bathtub. The intuitive Select technology is already inspiring customers worldwide. Consumers choose by pressing the elegant, black Select buttons. These contrast with the high-quality metal wall flanges and can be seen particularly clear against the white symbols. The SoftCube design also fits in well with the AXOR Urquiola and AXOR Citterio M collections, which opens up even more possibilities.

Axor ShowerSelect thermostat.

Axor ShowerSelect

Axor ShowerSelect thermostats are available in several versions for one to four consumers. As they are based on the tried-and-tested iBox Universal, they can be installed easily and also implemented during bathroom renovations without any problems.

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