Axor One thermostat module with three paddles.

Axor One – all in one

The thermostat module for minimalists

Axor One is a thermostat module for the shower that creates a new sense of space thanks to its refined, flat design and generous dimensions. The paddles are well proportioned and have a flat design with soft curves. All functions are combined in a central control unit. Thanks to its minimalist design, the new shower range invites all bathroom professionals to take full advantage of the possibilities on offer when planning and designing individual shower solutions.

Shower comfort thanks to user-friendly Select technology

Axor One bears the signature of the designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby from London. They follow the philosophy of interaction design, where the design is oriented towards how the user interacts with the product. The functional principle is based on pushing instead of turning. All consumers can be controlled easily and intuitively with fingers, hands or elbows using the generously proportioned paddles. This is all thanks to the tried-and-tested Select technology.

All functions at a glance:

  • The thermostat module is equipped with three paddles. These are used to control the individual consumers in the shower or at the bathtub. The consumers can be activated separately or at the same time.
  • The regulator for the water flow is integrated so finely that it has to be operated consciously. The sleek handle is pushed to the right in order to limit the water flow continuously to 50% of the standard volume.
  • The temperature is controlled precisely via the prominent, cylindrical handle and restricted to 40 °C through the temperature limiter.

Wide range of combinations

Thanks to its minimalist design, Axor One can be combined with all Axor showers and integrated perfectly in diverse shower solutions. Six product versions – including thermostat modules for one, two or three consumers – and 15 special finishes from the Axor Manufaktur can turn your very own dream bathroom into reality.

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