Push to transform your shower

Welcome to the revolution – for your shower. Choose control, invigoration, comfort and fun – all at the push of a button. It's simple, easy, and just what you need. Our growing line-up of Select products for the shower now includes not only Raindance Select shower heads and hand showers, but also Croma Select – and the only push-button mechanical shower mixing valve on the market: ShowerSelect.


The mechanical push-button of ShowerSelect trims has all the benefits of electronic shower controls, such as sleek looks, ease of use and intuitive operation – but also many advantages over electronic shower controls, including ease of installation, no need for electricity, and most of all – reliability for years to come. So go ahead, change your shower by changing your spray. Select for yourself.

Form and Function


Take a look at the new ShowerSelect trim sets and select function with Raindance Select and Croma Select.

  • ShowerSelect Thermostatic 1-and 2-Function trim comes in square or round escutcheon plate.
  • Select technology features thermostatic 2-function trim with both the overhead shower and the hand shower installation.
  • Select the one that suits you best with the Raindance Select handshowers.
  • From above, comes an easy choice: Raindance Select overhead showers.
  • Innovative Select button has replaced turning the spray face on the new generation of Croma Select hand showers.
  • Designed to please with either the classic round design of the S style, or the soft cube shape of the E style.

Find your perfect shower experience

Select button isn't all function; it also impacts form, allowing not only the familiar round sprayface, but also a soft cube. Whether round or square, in pure chrome or the dual-finish white/chrome, there's a Raindance Select right for any taste.

Take a look at the new Raindance Select hand showers and Raindance Select overhead showers.

Overhead showers featuring the Select button. Choose either RainAir or Rain spray for maximum relaxation in full spray and full glory over the entire spray face.

From popular to beloved at the touch of a button – The new Croma Select

Croma Select hand showers modern design is further enhanced by the elegant white of the spray face, where the innovative Select button has replaced turning the spray face.

Select technology also found it's way into the Croma Select overhead showers. Now, a simple touch of a button in the middle of the sprayface is all it takes to easily switch between spray modes.

Further information on Select technology