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Select – the button that is a joy to use. Launched in 2011 in a collaboration between hansgrohe and Phoenix Design, this purely mechanical button was initially designed to make daily showering a more comfortable experience. The jet and shower selection at the touch of a button was a feature that spontaneously enthralled bathroom customers all over the world. In 2014, the Select button began to create a stir in the kitchen. Since then, the clever button has been giving a whole new impetus to kitchen chores. This means happy customers and fantastic sales opportunities for you.

Check out the latest products for bathrooms and kitchens here. Thanks to the Select button, your customers can now enjoy ultimate ease of use in all areas.

Intuitive ease of use, responsible use of water, functional clarity: Hansgrohe is bringing out two bathroom faucet ranges featuring Select technology for the very first time. Form and function blend together, while the lever disappears altogether. Your customers operate the faucet selectively at the touch of a button.
Hansgrohe Metris Select kitchen faucet.
Intelligent multi-functionality, convenience and design at the sink: on the Metris Select kitchen faucet, the Select button controls the water. Extremely resource-friendly. The extra elbow room will also inspire those who love to cook.
Hansgrohe Talis Select S kitchen faucet.
On this kitchen faucet, the water can be turned on and off in a matter of seconds via the Select button. This makes it both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. Your customers can conveniently press the button, which is integrated into the slender spout, using the palm, back of the hand or elbow.