Hansgrohe Metropol, modern lavatory faucets.

Metropol faucets

Geometric elegance for an impressive bathroom environment

At hansgrohe, we follow a formula when it comes to the modern bathroom: When two or more faucets come together to form a perfect, parallel whole, it is the sum of our expertise in the fields of faucets and design. The Metropol range is comprehensive and multifaceted. It is of outstanding quality and featurs a precise, geometric design. Numerous product variations (with different handles, spout heights, and lengths) offer consumers a great deal of freedom when it comes to design and a range of applications. The lavatory faucet, with user-friendly Select technology, is controlled intuitively at the touch of a button, while the free-standing single-hole faucets for the bathtub make an impressive design statement.

Metropol at the sink.

Metropol for the sink and bidet

Faucets with three handle versions: a flat lever handle, delicate bow-shaped handle and minimalist handle with Select technology. Available in four heights – and all featuring easy operation. The single-hole lavatory faucet 100 is available with a long or short spout. Impressive: the free-standing lavatory faucet. With the three-hole and wall-mounted Metropol faucets (in two handle designs), parallelism comes perfectly to the fore. Metropol is also available as a bidet faucet/bidette set.

Lavatory and bidet faucets from the Metropol range ( from )

Metropol at the bathtub.

Metropol for the bathtub

The bathtub can also be given a modern touch, for example with free-standing faucets in elegant designs (with manual shower). Also available as bathtub filler. At the bathtub rim, the Metropol range is available in versions with two, three or four holes. The single-hole concealed faucet has a timeless, square design. All models are available in two handle versions. Two surface-mounted bathtub fillers impress thanks to their prominent, clear shelf surfaces.

Metropol bathtub faucets ( from )


Metropol = modern parallelism in the bathroom


An impressive range for the vanity, bathtub and shower – for a uniform bathroom environment.

  • Hansgrohe Metropol, lever handle, washbowl.
  • Hansgrohe Metropol, bow-shaped handle, sink.
  • Hansgrohe Metropol, Select, countertop basin.
  • Hansgrohe Metropol sink, Select Highriser.
  • Hansgrohe Metropol sink, wall-mounted.
  • Hansgrohe Metropol bathtub faucet, free-standing.

Even more selling points for Metropol:

  • The faucets are economical and environmentally friendly: with the automatic water volume limitation to 5 liters/minute with EcoRight.
  • Four different ComfortZones are available for the sink, with heights of 100, 110, 230 and 260 mm.
  • Soft air enrichment with AirPower, plus the QuickClean anti-calcification function.

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