Cool thermostats with safety technology.

CoolContact: the controlled flow of cold water

Cool thermostats for safe showering and bathing

The new hansgrohe safety technology CoolContact prevents the thermostat housing from heating up. This makes showering and bathing even safer: no painful touches or burns. Water regulators equipped with it are always pleasant to touch. Because the cold tap water is directed specifically to the thermostat surface – and the hot water doesn’t even get close to it.

To sum up: Little hands are protected with hansgrohe CoolContact. The same is also true for seniors and those with physical limitations: There is no danger lurking in touching the regulators.

Safely regulated thermostat cooling: How it works

In the CoolContact thermostat, the cold water in the base set is guided in such a way that it flows directly behind the complete front and top side. The flow goes from right to left– towards the thermostat cartridge. The hot water is led from the wall connection, without detours, into the cartridge. The mixed water, surrounded by cold water, flows out of the cartridge to the right to the outlet – past the back and bottom. At hansgrohe, we call it controlled cold water flow.

Ecostat E: Carefree showering pleasure for all

The first hansgrohe thermostat outfitted with the innovative safety technology is the Ecostat E. Additional safety feature here: SafetyStop for adjustable temperature limitation. It reliably prevents shower or bath water from accidentally coming too hot out of the tap. The attractively designed Ecostat E thermostat is also ideal for the cross-generational bathroom, thanks to its clear lettering and haptic handles.

Croma E: Ideal for the family bathroom

Does your customer want modern furnishings for their family or cross-generational bathroom, at an attractive price? Then recommend them a combination that’s as safe as it is harmonious: the hansgrohe Croma E shower line with Ecostat E thermostat. The solid hansgrohe classic, the Croma, now shines in a new design!