Sweet-smelling orchid petals sooth the soul even in bathrooms.


Enjoy life with all your senses: We want to enjoy the rain on our skin, look forward to the soft light during a relaxing bath, smell the aromas in the bathroom and run our eyes over the warm sandstone on the wall and floor. Our senses can be tickled by a great many details – and the exciting part is that everything is just waiting to be realized by us in the next bathroom. 

The joy of refined finishes

Fine grains in natural stone, non-slip wood, the plastic molded finish of new tiles, the pattern of small mosaics and, last but not least, textiles. All these bathroom companions have structures that are pleasing on the eye. Clinical atmospheres or unpleasant general lighting should not turn the bathroom into a mere passing place. We look forward to warm materials and their patterns and remain in the combined living room/bathroom for longer.

Eye-catchers welcome

Replacing standard glazed tiles with velvety limestone panels gives your bathroom an extra touch of sensuality. Natural stone walls or iridescent mosaics are new eye-catchers on walls and floors. Fabric on the seats in the bathroom captivates us. And beneath our bare feet? A bathroom carpet with a lively texture, as is currently in high demand.

  • Felt is in fashion – its tactile quality is in high demand in homes.
  • The individual structure of wood has a high feel-good factor. Even around the lavatory.
  • Textiles with different structures. Deep-pile tickles the senses.
  • Wood, aromas and fluffy textiles – we just cannot get enough of these in the bathroom.
  • Our senses are also tickled by accessories such as a stone cup and a horn-handled toothbrush.
  • A wooden bench for the sink, wickerwork and organic design – our senses are truly awakened.