The Axor Urquiola bathroom collection: fantasy and emotion invite the creation of fusion.

Patricia Urquiola – refreshingly vivacious

The Spanish-born designer has been named “best designer” by the international media on multiple occasions. A shining star at furniture trade fairs, she is equally successful with lighting and materials. A former student of design legend Achille Castiglioni, she is now one of the leading voices of modern design. Her refreshingly unconventional work combines feminine style and floral references with a minimalistic approach: “I love creating fusion!” For Axor, Patricia Urquiola has launched an association-filled bathroom with an appropriately self-confident slogan: “Awakening your senses”. Here comes Patricia.

Axor Urquiola – a bathroom for your senses

Axor Urquiola invites you to create a style fusion in your bathroom. Combine old and new through the multi-faceted collection, with endless details ripe for discovery. Personal items fit into the environment as though by chance. The highly refined products create a sense of harmony and a bathroom with a personal character. For example, through the Axor Urquiola bathtub, which resembles an old-fashioned wash tub, or the Axor Urquiola paravent, which doubles up as a room partition and a radiator.

Patricia Urquiola – the biography

Born in Spain in 1961, Patricia Urquiola graduated in Milan under Italian design legend Achille Castiglioni, who turned her focus from architecture to product design. She gained ten years of experience from the best in the sector before opening her own design office, which now employs more than 20 people – and has become a new star in the global design firmament.

Patricia Urquiola does not commit to a specific style. Instead, she aims to evoke people’s emotions and trigger associations by combining styles, shapes and references, reinterpreting them and giving them a new lease of life. It is no wonder that what matters to her is people’s desire to spontaneously touch her designs. Her clients are the biggest names in the furnishing sector. These include the innovative tile manufacturer Mutina, for whom she recently turned a grandmotherly damask cover into decorative ceramics.

A portrait of Patricia Urquiola

Multi-faceted and playful: Patricia Urquiola


She takes us by surprise when it comes to décor, materials and textures, she is a champion of sensuous scenography and she enjoys playing with styles.

  • A portrait of Patricia Urquiola.
  • Tiles designed by Urquiola.
  • Kartell tableware, designed by Urquiola.
  • Louis-Vuitton handbag, designed by Urquiola.
  • Antibodi Chaise Longue, designed by Urquiola.
  • Butterfly sofa, designed by Urquiola.
  • Caboche lamp, designed by Urquiola.

Multi-talented Spanish designer with “amore” for Italy

Patricia was born in the Spanish city of Oviedo in 1961. She went on to study architecture in Madrid and graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan, working with Italian design legend Achille Castiglione. She started her career with luxury label De Padova. Before opening her own design studio in Milan in 2001, Urquiola gained ten years’ experience in product and interior design, architecture and concept creation – among the very best in the furnishings and design industry. Her powerful design artistry attracted attention far beyond her chosen home of Italy – turning her into a star designer. Patricia Urquiola currently employs around 40 people.

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