3D view of different Hansgrohe products

3D bathroom planning data

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You can find 3D data for our branded products for use in CAD programs here. The ZIP files contain 3D data in DXF and DWG formats. All information about the products, including 3D data, can be found in the detailed view of the product catalog.


Raindance ZIP 3.1 MB
Raindance C ZIP 0.3 MB
Croma E ZIP 0.5 MB
Croma C ZIP 0.5 MB
Showers ZIP 1.8 MB
PuraVida ZIP 3.5 MB
Metris ZIP 30.5 MB
Metris S ZIP 0.3 MB
Focus S ZIP 0.2 MB
Talis S ZIP 0.3 MB
Talis C ZIP 0.5 MB
Metris C ZIP 0.5 MB
E & S accessories ZIP 0.3 MB
Kitchen faucets ZIP 0.1 MB


Axor Starck ZIP 1.1 MB
Axor Starck X ZIP 0.7 MB
Axor Citterio ZIP 1.0 MB
Axor Citterio M ZIP 2.9 MB
Axor Urquiola ZIP 2.3 MB
Axor Massaud ZIP 1.0 MB
Axor Uno ZIP 0.7 MB
Axor Steel ZIP 0.5 MB
Axor Carlton ZIP 2.1 MB
Axor Montreux ZIP 4.7 MB