The latest hansgrohe brand products

Here you can get an overview of our latest concepts, functions and designs. On the pages below you will find selling points, online applications, brochures, product information and information relating to safe installation.

Novus faucets across the whole bathroom.

Clear, contemporary design at an attractive price for discerning customers: the new hansgrohe range has a wealth of possible applications.

Talis Select S, woman.

In bathrooms and kitchens, clicking is very much in vogue: Bathroom faucets such as Talis Select, form and function now also merge together at the simple touch of a button. And let’s not forget the sink, where Metris and Talis Select kitchen faucets are making kitchen chores fun to tackle.

Welcome to the revolution – for your shower. Choose control, invigoration, comfort and fun – all at the push of a button. It's simple, easy, and just what you need. Our growing line-up of Select products for the shower now includes not only Raindance Select shower heads and hand showers, but also Croma Select – and the only push-button mechanical shower mixing valve on the market: ShowerSelect.
Woman with Croma Select handshower
Croma makes the switch to even more comfort with the clever Select technology. The Croma Select range also impresses with its new designs.
Hansgrohe Crometta hand shower.

The ultra-economical solution for hotels and private bathrooms: The new Crometta range is inexpensive and offers low consumption. 

Woman, Crometta hand shower
The new Crometta 100 offers maximum design without breaking the bank. The overhead and hand showers are impressive in terms of their function, design and value for money.