The Chateau Bethlehem is the site of the Zuyd hotel management school in Maastricht.

Chateau Bethlehem surprises with design and talented students

A hotel management school is putting its faith in new hospitality concepts

The Chateau Bethlehem is one of the world’s most unusual hotels, and is also the site of an innovative practical test. In the castle, guests meet talented hotel management students and are presented with new hospitality ideas. Not to mention the fixtures.

The operator is the internationally renowned Zuyd hotel management school in Maastricht, who were able to attract several well-known designers for refitting the historical building. Sleeping under a swimming elephant, waking up in a fall forest, cool modernism and refined country style: each room offers its own surprises. This is ensured by the imagination of the Dutch designers.

For the 26 bathrooms, the planners utilized the wide range of products offered by Hansgrohe. The guest is offered a variety of international designer collections, such as Axor Urquiola or Axor Citterio. A pleasurable shower experience is provided by established Hansgrohe products such as the Raindance shower or the Showerpipe shower system.

The hotel has a restaurant with 130 seats, which pampers its guests with a wide range of culinary options. You will also find conference rooms and a bar. The hotel management school opened its doors to “real” guests in summer 2010. Undergraduate or graduate students at the Zuyd hotel management school in Maastricht carry out management and everyday hotel tasks while studying in an unusual environment. Design and innovation is of critical importance in practice.

Location:                               Maastricht, Netherlands

Interior designers
Rooms:                         Richard Hutten, Job Smeets, Piet Hein Eek, 
                                               Evelyne Merkx, Jurgen Bey, Fleur Muris,
                                               Marcel van Neer, Francesco Messori (Ddock),
                                               Gerben van der Molen (Stars Design)
Public rooms:   Bart Vos
Bar:                                Bart Hagevoort
Restaurant:               Leon de Lange

Products:                            Axor Citterio 
                                             Axor Citterio M 
                                             Axor Urquiola 
                                             Axor Massaud 
                                             Axor Montreux 
                                             Axor Uno
                                             Hansgrohe Metris S 
                                             Hansgrohe Talis S 
                                             Hansgrohe Metropol S 
                                             Hansgrohe PuraVida 
                                             Hansgrohe Raindance 
                                             Hansgrohe Croma 100 showerpipe