Information on the PuraVida app (with video)

The PuraVida app – clever and free of charge

Virtual planning of your lavatory on the move using Hansgrohe@home

The virtual lavatory: What sounds like the future is already reality.

Want to see what the new PuraVida faucet would look like in your home? Nothing could be easier. Using the PuraVida app, the innovative Hansgrohe faucet can be beamed onto your own lavatory in the blink of an eye. You can then play around with your bathroom planning on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (with camera) at any time.

Lavatory planning via app – how it works:

  • Take a picture of the lavatory with the smartphone 
  • Erase the old faucet 
  • Set the new PuraVida lavatory mixer in the empty space

Love the result? Then save the picture in the gallery. Alternatively, send it directly to your friends.

Downloading the PuraVida app using the QR code – how it works

QR codes are used to provide exciting information directly onto the cellphone. The process is simple:

  • Start your QR code reader
  • Scan the QR code
  • Download the PuraVida app free of charge using iTunes

PuraVida gives every bathroom a new splendor

PuraVida, the sensuous bathroom collection from Hansgrohe, creates the perfect fusion of the color white and chrome aesthetics. PuraVida is functional beauty and an award-winning design with efficient technology. The app also contains lots of information on the world of PuraVida and its products, such as the handshower and showerhead.

QR code

Load the PuraVida app onto your cellphone – simply access iTunes with this QR code.

  • Start the PuraVida app
  • Photograph your own wash basin
  • Select and remove your own faucet
  • View your PuraVida basin
  • Find out more about PuraVida products
  • Recommend the PuraVida app to friends

Download and video of the PuraVida app


Please find below the QR codes for: 1. iPad, 2. iPhone and iPod Touch

  • QR code for the iPad version
  • QR code for iPhone and iPod Touch