Metris kitchen faucet with swiveling spout and handspray.

Metris kitchen faucets

Shower expertise now also available in the kitchen – a pleasurable shower experience for your fruit and vegetables

The love for cooking continues unabated – Hansgrohe offers state-of-the art, attractive faucets for the kitchen. Metris impresses thanks to intelligent multi-functionality, comfort and design at the sink. This inspires those who love to cook and offers you fantastic sales opportunities.

Metris Select – new freedom of movement at the touch of a button

On Metris Select kitchen faucets, the Select button takes over the control: Press once and the water flows – press again and the water stops. The temperature and water volume are set at the beginning on the lever handle and remain constant.

  • Added comfort: The ergonomically positioned button can be operated in passing (even using the elbow or back of the hand) to turn the flow of water on and off precisely. The intuitive operation means you don’t have to stop working, and is suitable for all age groups. Also ideal if you have full or dirty hands – the faucet stays clean.
  • Benefits for the environment: The Select technology is purely mechanical and does not require electricity or additional equipment in the bathroom cabinet. For customers who turn off the water during their work, this also means lower resource consumption.
  • Even more flexibility: The Metris Select with practical pull-out gives an extra 50 centimeters freedom of movement at the sink unit. The combination of Select button and pull-out means work steps all blend together – everything can be carried out with one hand. The innovative spray design prevents the wrist from twisting uncomfortably.
Metris Select with pull-out

Metris Select kitchen faucets

Simple operation is the recipe for success. Metris Select makes work easier for your customers – and all at the touch of a button. Available in two models: single-hole kitchen faucet with swivel spout or single-hole kitchen faucet with pull-out and swivel spout.

Metris Select kitchen faucets ( from )

Metris kitchen faucet

Metris kitchen faucet

Perfect ergonomics and design: In addition to the award-winning dual-jet faucet with handspray (red dot Design Award 2014), the Metris kitchen range also includes a version with a single-jet pull-out and one with a swivel spout.

Metris kitchen faucets ( from )