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Hand showers

With diversity in design, intelligent shower technology and jet selection at the touch of a button for sales success

Let's work together to inspire our customers. hansgrohe hand showers can help us to do this quickly, easily and sustainably. Your customers can benefit from our more than 114 years' worth of shower and design expertise. Everyone is guaranteed to be able to find his/her favorite hand shower.

Your new top seller: Select hand showers featuring a savvy little button

Following the extremely successful launch of Raindance Select, hansgrohe is also fitting its Croma shower classics with the user-friendly Select button. For retailers, this means an even larger target group and excellent sales opportunities with Croma Select handshowers.

Both types of hand shower have three jet types, which your customers can actuate intuitively using the Select button, choosing water that caresses, invigorates or massages. Raindance Select and Croma Select come in two designs (round and with rounded corners – S and E. Croma Select creates visual highlights in white/chrome; Raindance Select is also impressive in chrome.

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Hand showers – customised showering fun at the touch of a button

Round or square design, with one jet type or three: hansgrohe hand showers are internationally successful. Below you will find all the models – with photo, product features, scale drawing, installation instructions, service instructions (cleaning recommendations) and bathroom planning data in 2D and 3D.

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Your top selling points for hansgrohe hand showers:

  • A wide range for every taste, shower type and budget.
  • They offer more showering fun in an instant, will enhance any shower with their technology and are beautiful eye-catchers – ideal for upgrading and retrofitting bathrooms quickly.
  • hansgrohe hand showers have always been bathroom trendsetters. Especially Raindance – an essential shower component since 2003. Never before had a hand shower featured a large spray disc, a flat silhouette, and a short handle. Offer your customers a new design great for the smaller budget in the form of the Crometta 100.
  • The innovative hansgrohe features impress, such as SelectAirPower and QuickClean.
  • They are also of economic and ecological value: Thanks to EcoRight flow limitation, water consumption can be reduced by up to 60 percent. Another environmental selling point: Hansgrohe is the first manufacturer in the global sanitation industry to provide an ecological assessment for hand showers.

Select: sales at the touch of a button

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  • Woman showering with RainAir
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  • Woman showering with Whirl jet