Thermostatic Trim for 2 Functions, Square

Product characteristics
  • Outlets may be operated simultaneously
  • Select push-button on/off control for 2 outlets
  • Flow: 8.0 GPM (30.3 L/Min) / 2.0 GPM (7.6 L/Min)
  • Thermostatic cartridge, Start/stop cartridge
  • Anti-scald 100° safety stop
  • Optimized for water-efficient shower products
  • Trim comes with Select buttons: handshower and Rain
  • Optional accessory to limit total flow to 2.0 GPM @ 80 psi where required
  • Art. no. 15763001
  • $ 679.00List price (U.S. dollars) is shown for comparison only. The actual retail price may be different from the price shown.


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