Axor Massaud: the bathroom collection is inspired by nature.

Axor Massaud

Inspired by the beauty of nature

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A collection for customers who like to keep things natural. Axor Massaud responds to the yearning desire for peace and harmony. The faucet body is a piece of nature itself, the gush spray resembles a waterfall filling the bathtub like a rippling lake. With Axor Massaud, the bathroom planner can create a haven of relaxation where the customer can get away from the hectic pace of everyday life and immerse themselves in nature.

 The Axor Massaud product categories at a glance:

Axor Massaud lavatory faucet.

Bathroom faucets & Shower trims

The single-hole lavatory faucets are available in two heights. Additionally, lavatory faucets can also be installed as three-hole or wall-design versions. The free-standing bathtub is combined with the free-standing single-hole bathtub faucet, with faucets also available for installation on the bathtub rim and tile rim. The wide shelves on the lavatory faucets and bathtub faucets are typical of the Axor Massaud collection. A collection of different concealed installation thermostats, valves and shower faucets are available in the shower.

Bathroom faucets & Shower trims from the Axor Massaud collection ( from )

Axor Massaud showers.


Matching handshowers, oversized showerheads and  bodysprays are available for the Axor Massaud bathroom in a clear design.

Showers from the Axor Massaud collection ( from )

Axor Massaud accessories.


Axor Massaud accessories cover virtually all areas of bathroom fittings and round off the natural bathroom concept – from shelves and containers to the towel rack.

Bathroom accessories from the Axor Massaud collection ( from )

Axor Massaud vanity.

Vanities & bathtubs

The washbowls and built-in vanities are made from mineral casting, while the free-standing bathtub is made from a sandwich material with brilliant white gel coating. The shape of the basin is particularly suited to a combination with Axor Massaud lavatory faucets. The gush spray is caught optimally by the basin, thus minimizing water splashes.

Vanities & bathtubs from the Axor Massaud collection ( from )


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