ComfortZone Finder

The fun way to more freedom of movement in your bathroom

How much space do I need in front of my vanity?
How large should my new faucet be?
What added convenience do the new sink faucets offer?

Now help your customers to find and design their own personal ComfortZone. You can see what all the models from the three new Hansgrohe faucet ranges Metris, Talis, Focus and Logis look like on the virtual sink. Therefore each customer can have fun finding the right faucet to suit their individual requirements – and can see right away which model would be suitable.

Step 1: Select required faucet height.
Step 2: Select faucet design.

You can now use the practical online tool to show your customers all the possibilities available in order to create the space that they need in the bathroom. This makes you more independent and more creative in your consulting and planning work.