Faucets in public areas

More hygiene and cleanliness in high-traffic sanitation facilities

Looking for lavatory faucets for public and commercial use? You can find electronic and mechanical faucets for inviting sink spaces here. Read more about efficient technologies for better hygiene and learn more about installation and maintenance. Plus, we’ll show you how to set up sensor and self-closing faucets to meet customer needs.

Faucets for touch-free and low-contact hand washing 

Convince your customers in their product selection with these arguments:

  • ​​​​​​​Clean solution for various applications. At AXOR and hansgrohe, you will find electronic faucets for contact-free function and automatically closing faucets that eliminate the need to touch them after washing your hands.
  • Economy. Electronic and manual automatic faucets help avoid water and energy waste.
  • Safety. The faucets offer hygiene rinses and contribute to drinking water safety. 
  • Easy to maintain. The robust, closed design of the electronic and self-closing faucets prevents vandalism while also facilitating maintenance.
hansgrohe electronic faucets for better hygiene.
Touch-free faucets from AXOR and hansgrohe ensure contact-free hand washing and reduce the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria. Pictured: hansgrohe Focus line.

Design and utmost functionality

​​​​​​​In the upscale property sector, but also in private construction, sanitation installation is becoming a company calling card, reflecting appreciation for guests, employees, and customers. Sensor-controlled water outlets set special design accents at the sink and underscore operators’ dedication in hotels and restaurants. The touch-free lavatory faucets from AXOR and hansgrohe convince through the combination of aesthetics and functionality.


Choice: Electronic or mechanical, with or without temperature control

Hands-free lavatory faucets with infrared electronics are available for mains operation or with batteries. The faucets can be mounted on any sink or mounted as a concealed installation variant. Mains operation requires a power connection. Self-closing faucets trigger mechanically and close automatically after use.

The electronic faucet with mains operation uses a socket under the sink that’s connected to the included transformer for an extra-low voltage of just 6 V. The box is also located under the sink and connected to the faucet. 

The battery-operated lavatory faucet draws its low voltage from a 6 V battery (type CR-P2). The included box for this purpose is connected to the faucet under the sink. The replaceable battery lasts for about 2 years of hand washing.

The self-closing faucet will convince customers who don’t want a power supply at the sink. Light pressure on the handle triggers the hydraulic mechanism. The water flow stops automatically after the set time interval, without any further contact with the faucet.

Setting up electronic faucets to meet individual requirements

The sensor electronics need to be adjusted to the sink, which is done automatically with our electronic faucets during the initial setup. The infrared technology (opto-sensor technology) reacts, among other things, to the brightness, type, and dimensions of the sink in order to optimally adjust function to surrounding conditions. You can then set the water temperature required by the customer for the touch-free faucet. For individual temperature adjustment, some electronic faucets have a mix lever on the body of the faucet.  

Electronic hansgrohe faucet with sensor.

Optimally adjusting self-closing faucets

​​​​​​​The self-closing faucet is easy to adapt to your customer’s requirements. You can set the closing time between three and 20 seconds using the optional accessory tool. The valve’s automatic self-closing function can be deactivated for hygiene rinsing and then reactivated in no time. We will show you how to do so in the following videos.

Hygiene flushing and thermal disinfection

The electronic and self-closing faucets from AXOR and hansgrohe offer the electronic faucets an additional argument when it comes to drinking water hygiene with the automatic and manual hygiene flush. An automatic water flow can be programmed for electronic faucets in temporarily unused sanitation facilities (e.g. hotel rooms, event spaces), where standing water can cause the formation of germs. This hygiene flush is triggered for ten seconds, 24 hours after the last operation, allowing fresh water to flow through the pipelines and faucet. In addition, a continuous three-minute rinse is available for thermal disinfection. In the self-closing faucet, thermal disinfection is easy to activate manually with a service tool.

Faucets for the public sector by AXOR and hansgrohe

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