Air-enriched water

AirPower: More pleasure, more efficiency

Inspire your customers with lasting enthusiasm: This technology increases showering pleasure and conserves resources. Targeted addition of air makes the water from faucets and showers fuller, lighter, and softer. Many products in our product range are outfitted with AirPower.

More fun from less water: AirPower benefits

  • AirPower means a unique, pleasurable shower experience. This ingenious technology swirls water with air in the shower head, making the droplets lush and soft.

  • A full, soft water jet bubbles out of AirPower faucets. A pleasant side effect: It splashes significantly less, thus also lowering the work it takes to clean.

  • Because air is available in abundance, but precious water is not, AirPower products are resource-efficient. Just the right thing for your environmentally-conscious clientèle.  

Showers with AirPower:  More volume, more enjoyment, more efficiency

The AirPower principle is simple: Large pockets of air are sucked in via the spray disc of an AXOR or hansgrohe shower. These showers infuse incoming water with this air. Your customers will notice the effects immediately on their skin: The AirPower rain shower lightly envelops the body and creates a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. To sum up: The showering pleasure goes up, the water demand goes down.

AirPower shower, enriched with air.
With AirPower, consumers use valuable water more efficiently. And: The incoming air makes shower water full and soft.

A selection of showers with AirPower technology

Faucets with AirPower: For water in all its fullness

Air gets sucked in via the jet spout of an AXOR or hansgrohe faucet, enriching the incoming water. A jet of water that is as soft as it is efficient comes out of AirPower faucets. A nice side effect: less splashing at the vanity or the bath tub. Conclusion: more pleasant water experiences with less water consumption.

AirPower faucet, enriched with air.
An AirPower faucet achieves a high spray volume with less water and a lower water bill.

A selection of faucets with AirPower technology