Hose system for pull-out faucets

sBox Kitchen: More comfort, lightness, and order at the sink

A pull-out kitchen faucet increases the radius of action and is a big plus for a smooth workflow at the sink. The sBox Kitchen was designed exactly for these kinds of faucets with a pull-out spray or spout. The hansgrohe reel system provides a reliable, tidy hose guide in the base cabinet – and makes all activities at the sink easier and more flexible. 

sBox + kitchen faucet: A well-rehearsed team at the sink – your arguments

  • The sBox Kitchen is included in the scope of delivery of numerous hansgrohe kitchen faucets with pull-out spray or pull-out spout.
  • The innovative sBox tidies up the sink base cabinet and offers more comfort when using the pull-out.
  • With the sBox Kitchen, the shower or pull-out spout can always be pulled out and pulled back easily. There is no jamming or sticking, and the hose cannot be damaged.
  • A hose weight ensures safe and smooth guidance in the subsurface. Multiple installation options, even in low or narrow base cabinet modules.
  • The ideal installation situation is vertically under the faucet. If there are obstacles, such as a drain system, in the cabinet, professionals can just install the flat box tilted to the side.

Customer-friendly sBox Kitchen: Kitchen flow instead of tugging and jerking

Whether at a single or double sink, whether filling tall containers, rinsing vegetables, or washing off large plates: A kitchen faucet with pull-out function creates enormous kitchen comfort. The combination of pull-out spout/spray and sBox Kitchen expands your customer’s radius of action up to 30 Inches (instead of the previous maximum 20 inches). And that’s not all – The hose connected to the faucet can always be pulled out and rolled back easily, safely, and undamaged with the compact hansgrohe sBox Kitchen.

All-in-one system for maximum radius of action and long-lasting hoses

So that everything at the sink is in flow: Select products with sBox