Flat shower thermostat with Select technology.

Innovative technologies by AXOR and hansgrohe

People love it when products make everyday life more beautiful and more convenient. Sometimes it is small, hidden technologies that make the big difference. On the following pages, we’ll provide you with good arguments for our products. After all, your clientèle will be deeply impressed when faucets and showers are economical, pleasant to use, and easy to clean. 

CoolStart faucets automatically save energy.

If hot water only flows when it’s needed, you automatically save energy.

Climate-friendly EcoRight faucets & showers save water.

Environmentally friendly faucets and showers that save water and protect the environment.


AXOR. Precision has a name.

When faucets become masterpieces. Made with diamonds.

Diamond machine for perfect AXOR bathroom design.

AXOR and hansgrohe: For water at its best

Intuitive operation, lower water and electricity bills, and less cleaning outlay: these are all factors that will have your customers beaming. And you, as the professional? You can build on pioneering innovation with high customer benefit. This is exactly what our experts in research departments, in the Sound and Spray Laboratory, are working for. There, they develop high-quality products with that certain something extra for both brands, AXOR and hansgrohe. With attractive user interfaces, optimal sprays, built-in safety, and integrated pleasure.