Rub away limescale in an instant

QuickClean: Fast anti-limescale function

Chalky water, dirt, cleaning agents: Faucets and showers need to withstand a lot in everyday life. With this technology, residues disappear in an instant. QuickClean technology is designed with this solution in mind: The aerators on QuickClean faucets and the jets on QuickClean showers are equipped with flexible silicone nozzles, allowing dirt and limescale to be rubbed off effortlessly.

QuickClean – A clean solution for satisfied customers 

  • Fast and convenient cleaning of bathroom products – entirely without cleaning agents
  • It’s as easy as rubbing on the elastic silicone nozzles of the showers or faucet aerators with your fingers 
  • Low effort – no heavy scrubbing necessary
  • Especially high-quality, tear-resistant silicone
  • Low-splash, full spray pattern for hand and overhead showers
  • Low-splash, even water flow for sink, bath tub, and bidet shower faucets
  • Products that are limescale-free and well-maintained remain functional and last longer

How easy shower cleaning works

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QuickClean with faucets: Silicone fins on the aerator

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