Select your shower pleasure

Select: intuitive water control

Pushing is often easier than turning. Select is the name of the technology in which a small button brings great comfort to your home. Whether in the bathroom or kitchen: Products with the Select button make controlling water intuitive and reduce the faucet design down to the essentials. 

Strong benefits with Select technology: Intuitive, appealing, efficient

Controlling water at the touch of a button: Select can do it. In the shower, at the vanity, and at the kitchen sink. Customers across all generations can rejoice at more comfort and precision when dealing with water. The Select button makes many everyday routines easier and is also ideal for children, senior citizens, and people with limited mobility.
  • In the shower, your customers can change spray modes with a click on the hand or overhead shower. They can control up to five consumers on the Select thermostat.
  • At the vanity, the Select button opens and closes the faucet. Press once for on, press again for off. Not only is the operation reduced to the essentials, but also the design. 
  • At the kitchen sink, the water flow can be quickly paused and restarted using the Select button on the faucet or the edge of the sink. Ergonomic finesse with which water can be used in a targeted manner and kitchen work goes smoothly.

Operate showers with Select – for showering pleasure at the touch of a button

Change the spray mode or switch from the hand shower to the overhead shower: In the shower, the Select button is an extremely convenient control element. It proved its stability in a long-term load test, with 90,000 actuations. On hand showers, Select makes spray switching easier than ever before: three different spray modes from gentle to powerful. The Select button is positioned on the ergonomic handle, enabling one-handed spray switching. The Select principle also applies to overhead showers. Would you prefer soft or stimulating? You can change spray modes directly in the middle of the spray disc. Everything purely mechanical.
Raindance Select hand shower with spray mode control button.
Showering with more comfort and ease of use: With Select showers, your customers can conveniently choose their spray mode with the touch of a button.

Controlled showers with Select: Visually and haptically attractive thermostats    

Select thermostats are elegant in their appearance and impressive in their performance. They can conveniently control up to five consumers, even simultaneously. Understandable, abrasion-resistant symbols also make operation easy for people of all ages. Select buttons adorn exposed thermostats, where the consumers can be easily switched on and off on the front side. Select buttons are ideal for use on flat concealed thermostats. These well-thought-out water controls integrate perfectly into the room and are convincing in their minimalist design. Yet another comfort: The thermostat, porter unit, and hose connection are directly integrated in AXOR ShowerSolutions and hansgrohe RainSelect. 

Concealed controls with Select technology.
Maximum reduction and high performance: the AXOR ShowerSolutions concealed thermostat module for two consumers.

Operate faucets with Select – design quality reduced to the essentials

The Select button on the faucet provides the ultimate ease of use at the sink. Here, the button is located on top of the faucet. This allows your customers to easily start and stop the water flow. This innovative water control does without handles and creates a new aesthetic in the bathroom. And as an additional bonus: more freedom at the vanity. 

Talis Select lavatory faucet with Select technology.
Minimalists love Select faucets! This Talis Select faucet requires no operating lever at all. The water can be easily turned on and off at the touch of a button.

Kitchen faucets with Select – ergonomic, precise workflow    

Select is an eye-catcher wherever water flows. Naturally, at the kitchen sink as well. Your customers set their desired temperature beforehand on the handle, and Select ensures convenient operation. With Select, water flow can be paused and restarted with pinpoint accuracy during the work process: either on the faucet itself or via a Select operating module on the edge of the sink.
At the kitchen sink, Select elements convince with convenient, precise control of the water flow. Whether directly on the faucet or from the edge of the sink.

Select technology is also a recipe for success in the kitchen:
  • Convenient operation – optimized water use.
  • During the work process, the water flow can be interrupted and restarted at any time. Click = pause, click = turn back on.
  • Even large containers can be filled with one hand thanks to the pull-out spray and Select button.
  • Ergonomically ingenious and easy to operate even with your arm, the back of your hand, or your elbow. This keeps your hands free and the faucets clean.

Selected products with Select technology