Architectural bathroom gem: AXOR Edge

Cubistic faucet design, shining surfaces, elegant textures

The elegant AXOR Edge bathroom collection, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, is a masterpiece for the bathroom. With the cube as a formative design element, the faucet is turned into an architectural sculpture on the sink, in the shower, on the bath tub. High gloss due to ultra-precise, diamond-finished surfaces and edges. Extravagant through fine, three-dimensional textures. Pure exclusivity.

Breaks through boundaries in terms of design, precision, and radiance

When diamonds are used in a manufacturing process, it’s a matter of the highest precision, finest details, finest materials. As is the case with AXOR Edge: Here, the bathroom collection’ faucets become true gems through diamond cutting. The elaborate manufacturing process, which originally comes from the optics and aerospace industries and has been adapted to the high demands of AXOR's faucet production, ensures perfect surfaces and edges in AXOR Edge. They reflect the light like a mirror. High-gloss and brilliant. Elsewhere, such as on the body or handle, fine, refined textures are milled with the diamond cutting technique. Three-dimensional finishes that create exciting contrasts

Faucet from the AXOR Edge bathroom collection in geometric design.
Elaborate in production, avantgarde in design, perfect in results: AXOR Edge faucets are extravagant architectural jewels in the bathroom.

Cubism at the sink, in the shower, in the bath tub

This effect is intensified by AXOR Edge’s geometrical shape. For this collection, designer Jean-Marie Massaud restages the cube. As a formative design element, he uses the favorite object of the avant-gardists of the early 20th century to turn the faucet into a sculpture. Brings cubism into the bathroom and architectural masterpieces to the sink, the bath tub, and the shower.

Linear faucet on the sink in chrome.
Restaging the cube – for faucets on the sink, in the shower, and the bath tub: Jean-Marie Massaud, French designer and creative lead for AXOR Edge.

Consistently striking, consistently functional

The AXOR Edge exposed thermostat is a perfect example of the consistent implementation of the design philosophy behind the collection, of creating works of art instead of faucets. Its striking shapes and high-gloss surfaces stand for the unique nature of AXOR Edge. The collection embodies the world of perfect refinement and arouses emotions by surprise. This also applies to the exposed AXOR Edge thermostat: The impressive handles are designed like the iconic knobs of a premium sound system, which can be used to easily control the water quantity and temperature. The generously sized Select buttons for changing between showers or spray modes are intuitive to operate.

AXOR Edge exposed thermostat with knob and Select buttons.
The AXOR Edge exposed thermostat embodies the symmetry of surfaces and edges, combines high gloss and texture, stands for perfect quality and lasting functionality.
How can luxury in the bathroom be redefined? This was the question posed at the beginning of the development process for AXOR Edge. The answer can be found in the video on the designer collection.

How the masterpiece for the bathroom is created

At the start of every great development is a great idea. With AXOR Edge, it was Jean-Marie Massaud's dream to create a jewel for the bathroom. A faucet that embodies his idea of complete refinement and exceptionalism, with an unprecedented glossy surface that makes it a masterpiece and gives even more expression to its sculptural design.

Three-hole faucet on marble sink in gold surface finish.
From a dream to a perfect faucet: AXOR Edge is the embodiment of designer Jean-Marie Massaud's vision of creating a jewel for the bathroom.

Aimed at perfection from the very beginning

After intensive research work, the AXOR product developers, design engineers, and technical experts transferred a process using diamond machines for the optics and aerospace industries to the production of faucets. In AXOR Edge, a diamond mills the edges at a perfect 45-degree angle. The result is high-gloss bevels that meet precisely.

Both the high-gloss surface and the partial textures are also produced with the diamond grinding process. For the three-dimensional finishing, a line is milled up to five times, making it a diamond cut in the overall look.

The absolutely flat surface is created in a single processing step – in machines with maximum stability, as it has six motion-compensating air dampers that transmit no vibration whatsoever. The duration of the entire process to produce the high-precision surfaces is twice as long as the conventional grinding and polishing process.

AXOR Edge manufacturing method with diamond tool.
For the three-dimensional structure, a line is milled up to five times making it a diamond cut in the overall look. The 45° bevel is also milled to a mirror finish with a diamond.