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New Product Launch Support

Hansgrohe, Inc is committed to providing best-in-class tools and support to all partners.  To support this commitment, the New Product Launch Support page aims to improve speed related to launch communication and delivery of supporting resources.  Please utilize the below resources for easy access to the latest information; including launch status, product content, high resolution digital assets and additional training

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If assistance is needed please contact:  marketing-usa@hansgrohe.com

AXOR Circular Accessories

Status: Coming Soon!

AXOR Citterio Handle

Status: Launched

How to Use Filters 


Step 1. Use the options on the left hand side to narrow your product choice. This has a number of filters from MAP Status to Product Type and Flow Rate.


Step 2. Once you select filters, it will automatically filter your Excel and digital asset exports down to the items that you have selected.


Step 3. You can apply multiple filters at once, creating the best product selection for your needs.

How to Select & Filter Products


Step 1. Select a single product by clicking the “Select” banner that appears. Multiple can be chosen.


Step 2. Click “View Selected” button to view those specific items.


Step 3.  Click “Export Selected” button to either download an Excel sheet or .zip file with digital assets. Enter your email in the pop-up and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

Single Item Search and Product Detail Pages


Step 1. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for a single item. When you do this or click on a single item, it will open the product detail page. 


Step 2. The product detail page provides all information on that given product including product data, marketing copy, and digital assets.


Step 3. Click “Actions” button and “Select Product” to add this single item to your download.